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For you, travelers

Pohodová dovolená na pláži jak má být.

The holiday time is always precious and so scarce. With that in mind, imagine instant rain during your entire vacation or sudden thaw during your skiing trip.

Meteopress offers an easy way, how to avoid these kinds of inconveniences. We can help you with finding the right place for your vacation weather vise or the right time for you for your favorite holiday spot.

We offer direct phone or e-mail communication with our meteorologist who will recommend you the best way to enjoy your vacation.

For tour operators, travel agencies

With your help you can provide your clients with bonus services –

Tell them about the weather:

  • when they are deciding where to go visiting your web servers or your office
  • day before departing to their holiday to their e-mail or mobile phone
  • on their way back home with the wish of repeated use of your services in the future

The competition on the vacation market is enormous and any cheap and effective added value can help you to gain the loyalty of your clients. Meteopress is here to help you with that.

For outdoor event organizers

Neither rain nor wind has to destroy the concert or a garden party when the guests and hosts are informed about it and prepared.

Outdoor event organizers (concert promoters, catering companies, wedding planners, etc.) communicate on daily basis with our specialists. They help them with planning the event according to expected weather situation.