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Větrná elektrárna

There is no dispute about the fact that weather affects the electricity production. Solar energy depends on the dullness, hydropower plants on precipitation and wind chargers on the power of wind.

Weather also influences the energy consumption. In the winter we heat up our appartmenst with electricity, in the summer we cool ourselves off by using air conditioning that consumes the same amount of energy. When it is cloudy outside, we use more electricity for light bulbs and so on.

Vodní elektrárna Dlouhé stráně

Meteopress company cooperates for long years with electricity producers and distributors by supplying weather data. Our partners are for instance PRE or ČEPS.

This year we started our cooperation with power traders. Our products help to predict the energy price development and adjust the business strategies.

Studies have shown that each trader needs the information in a different form. Meteopress is ready for that and offers its services in every form available:

Access to client section of www.meteodat.eu.

Trader can find here the complete information about the weather situation in Central Europe. He or she can choose from wide range of information presented by data, meteograms, meteographs , synoptic maps, etc.

Daily morning e-mail servis with a brief "10-minute" overview.

This product is prepared for traders, who don´t have time to spend hours analyzing the weather. They leave this up to professionals. Every morning before the trading places open they spend aproximately 10 minutes reading our document and they are well informed about the actual and expected weather situation in Central Europe. The document also includes the information about the important days in the future, which will probably affect the energy consumption.

Long term weather forecast. Updated 3 times a month.

3 month outlook in decades. Always available through www.meteodat.eu and when updated, it is sent t our clients through e-mail. (You can see the sample here).

Phone consults with our meteorologist.

Meteorologist is ready to help traders with their doubts and concerns. He helps them to make an informed decision. This service is available only in combination with above mentioned products.

Meteorological seminars.

1-day course aimed at understanding the basics of meteorology, use of meteorological data in energy trading and discussion with the meteorologists. Available on request.